Adult Scholar Class

“If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right.
But do not care to convince him.
Men will believe what they see.
Let them see.”Henry David Thoreau
Reading for 2018
February 7 Paradise Lost, John Milton
February 21 Jason and the Argonauts / the Golden Fleece
March 7 Bible Stories: Moses, Deborah, Sampson, Ester, Joseph, Noah
March 21 King Arthur, edition to be announced
April 4 Cupid and Psyche (a short story) & Til We Have Faces, C.S. Lewis
April 18 Welsh Fairy Tales, George Washington, Robert the Bruce and the Spider
May 2 Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conon Doyle
— The Sign of the Four; The Study in Scarlet; The Speckled Band; The Red-Headed League; A Scandal in Bohemia
May 16 Butch Cassidy, Lee Nelson (or if you like: Butch Cassidy, A Biography, by Richard Patterson; or Butch Cassidy: My Brother, by Lula Parker Betenson)
And Beyond (if we go there): Iliad; Annie Oakley; Atlantis; Explanations for seasons, sun and moon, suffering, disease, medicine, etc.); Daniel Boone; James Bond; Tarzan; Porter Rockwell