Well-Being Coach

You need a sense of Well-Being just like you need air to live.

When you don’t have a sense of Well-Being, you feel as if you have a Hole in your Soul.

When you have a Hole in your Soul, you compensate with unhealthy behaviors trying to feel Whole.

When you have accomplished a sense of Well-Being you feel Whole and complete.

What to expect from a Well-Being Coach

My Role is to…

…help you become conscious of the choices you make. These choices appear as habits, beliefs, priorities, etc;

…help you clarify your life purpose,

…then discover and replace the beliefs and habits you have that interfere with getting there.

Let me help you…

Break the Habits that Keep You from Being Your Best Self!

Mindfulness Without Meditation

I have discovered ways to receive the benefits of mindfulness without meditation. These methods include reading and studying, praying, attunded communication, and more.
Things we do every day!

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You Are Your Choices