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The Three Little Pigs: Current, Jacobs, Politically Correct, Shakespeare

The Ugly Duckling: Current, Hans Christian Andersen

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We study the classics to learn about human nature, to invite us to think, to become better people, and to aid us in becoming leaders. In this class, Classics from Fantasy and Science Fiction, you will read to find principles, you will learn three levels of reading and thinking to apply to the stories: getting the facts, evaluating and forming your own opinion.

After each reading you will discuss the material using these three concepts, helping you build character and develop the traits of good leaders. You will also write in that format, developing the ability to persuade others (an essential leadership skill). Themes we will discuss include: The Hero Journey and an alternative Pilgrim Journey; Is the book a great book? I Can Go the Distance (Enduring to the End); and Hubris.

Throughout the class we will follow several themes:

The theme of SVLA for the year: I can Go The Distance. We will relate that theme to Enduring to the End (an alternative look to the traditional meaning).

An important theme will be: Is the book a classic, a great book.

“Naming” will be another theme. The idea of naming appears in fantasy and is probably borrowed from religion.

One of our main discussions (themes) for each reading will be the Hero Journey (based on the Greek Culture) and the effects of it on our culture. We will propose an alternative – The Pilgrim or Saint Journey (based on the Hebrew culture).

One last theme: Hubris.