Myths & Legends SVLA

Throughout the class we will follow several themes:
The theme of SVLA for the year: I Can Go The Distance. We will relate that theme to Enduring to the End (an alternative look to the traditional meaning).

An important theme will be: Is the book a classic (story), a great book.

One of our main discussions (themes) for each reading will be the Hero Journey (based on the Greek Culture) and the effects of it on our culture. We will propose an alternative – The Pilgrim Journey (based on the Hebrew culture).

Myths, Legends and Heroes - Schedule

January 9 Welcome and Introduction to semester II
January 16 Jason and the Argonauts
January 23 Cupid and Psyche I like Bulfinch’s best, although Hamilton’s has some good points.
January 30 Thor
February 6 Moses
February 13 No class
February 20 King Arthur and the Holy Grail
February 27 Discussion and Writing Review
March 6 The Epic of Gilgamesh
March 13 George Washington, Robert the Bruce, The King and His Hawk
March 20 Bible Stories: Deborah, Sampson, Ester, Joseph, Noah
March 27 No class
April 3 Sherlock Holmes
— The sign of the Four; The Study in Scarlet; The Speckled Band; The Red-headed League; A Scandal in Bohemia
April 10 Egyptian Myths
April 17 Native American Legends
April 24 Welch
May 1 Summarizing what we have learned