Intro to Programming SVLA

Goal: learn the principles of logic, commands and writing code that will transfer to any computer language or the creation of macros in programs such as excel. All computer languages use similar logic, similar basic commands and writing of code. Each program’s syntax will be slightly different, but the basic commands (though they might have different names) are the same. Some programs have a focus on graphics while others focus on data storage. This class is an introduction to computer logic and basic commands.

The most important thing you will learn is computer logic which is the use of the commands available to create computer code
a program).

You will be able to put material on the screen where you want.

You will learn to have the computer perform many mathematical calculations.

You will learn how to use variables and iteration (repeating things and number of times).

Most importantly you will learn programming logic.

At the end, we will put a sprite (object) on the screen and move it around the screen with keys from the keyboard.

The only thing necessary is a computer. In the class, we will use a shareware program – Just BASIC – that is downloadable from the Internet.

Commands you will learn: print; locate; input; for/next; while/wend; if/then; create variables; manipulate/convert computer letters and numbers; math formulas; case/select; subroutines; read input from the keyboard; goto; create random numbers; create a window; and graphic commands.